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Thu. Apr 6th 2017
April 27th 1900 at WLFD , May 27th 0830 at Pitts Park , June 17th 0830 Powerhouse , August 4th 1830 Pitts park night training
Thu. Jul 21st 2016
Two of our firefighters are wrapping up a EMT-B certification. Congratulations to firefighters Jessy Talbert and Katie Patterson.
Thu. Oct 22nd 2015
Congratulations to Jessy Talbert on completion of Pump operations 2, Katie Patterson on completion of Firefighter 1 and Chief Lance Roper on completion of fire chief 3.
Thu. Aug 20th 2015
Members of HTFD have completed more SCFA classes over the past several weeks.Billy Whitt completes NFPA Firefighter I -Steve Johnson and Katie Patterson complete Hazmat operations -Chief Lance Roper c...
Fri. Apr 24th 2015
Congratulations to Bryton Cromer and Jessy Talbert on their successful completion of the 40 hour class of emergency vehicle driver training.

Hickory Tavern fire department annual community meeting will be held May 21st 2019 at 7pm at station one located at 73 Hickory heights dr. 

News Headlines

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